Looking for ideas for a new Start-up?

Anaïs Borri di Anaïs Borri27 luglio 2016 | 15:34

Here are some ideas if you are looking to create a new business, based on the leaders of the digital world.

Everyone wants to create a unicorn and many start-ups are building their business model based on the ones of existing leaders, coming up with the “Uber of…” or the “Airbnb of…” the most random things.

There is also a clear trend to “Uberise” financial services and their distribution in the fintech sector. With the fintech market becoming increasingly saturated, new concepts are hard to come by and it’s difficult to tell who will actually make it into the leaderboard. In fact, there is nothing stopping Uber from tapping into the financial industry and creating the “Uber of banking” itself.

Eitherway, if you are struggling to find free gaps in the digital market or if you want to check if your idea is free, this chart by Buzzfeed shows that there are still some unicorn inspired start-up ideas for grabs.

start up idea

Source: Buzzfeed


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