iPhone app Magnus let’s you ‘Shazam’ Art

di Rajeevan Ratnasingham 17 Maggio 2016 | 12:02

Ever wanted to know buy an art piece but didn’t know how much it would cost you? The new app Magnus allows you to carry own contemporary art database in your pocket and works like a “Shazam for art”.

“Users take a photo of an artwork and the app returns all details, including prices. For the first time in art history, prices from both galleries and auction houses are made available for free. The app can be downloaded free from the Apple App Store.” (Magnus.net)

What we love:

  • It’s focus on simplicity
  • It’s clean design
  • It’s mission to connect the art world with a wider audience

Screenshot Map IphoneScreenshot Prices IphoneScreenshot Artwork Iphone
It boasts many key features including the largest price database for contemporary art consisting of prices from the primary and secondary market prices. Contributors have been adding to the database over the years, boasting an impressive 800,000 artists, culminating in a free to use public database that can keep you in the loop and informed when it comes to purchasing art. The app also allows you to find nearby galleries through its internal map to help you discover art spots around you.

The app is all about ease of use – the most useful feature is the ability to use image recognition technology to take a photo of almost any artwork and be told all the details relating to the work such the artist, the title, price as well as other details. Just like Shazam, it’s about acting in the moment discovering something that excites you.

Magnus aims to democratize the art world, providing both valuable and quick information to the everyday user and curious investor. It can help navigate the fast changing market and the often difficult to find galleries which can often be elusive to new investors keen to find the next hot art piece. Started in 2013 by German art entrepreneur Magnus Resch in New York, the new app has been warmly welcomed by both investors and the world and is rolling out internationally.
Magnus User

Magnus is free to download on iOS, try it here.

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