Digital painter earns 60,000$ per month through crowdfunding

Crowdfunding platforms such as Patreon are making it easier for artists to increase their exposure and income. Digital painter Sakimichan’s campaign is a prime example of successful crowdfunding strategy.

Sakimichan might be the richest digital artist in the world and it’s all thanks to her campaign on Patreon. Through the support of her online patrons, this young self-taught artist is able to earn almost 30,000$ every two weeks. In return for their financial support, the patrons receive a pack of benefits containing original digital paintings, video tutorials, adobe brushes and more.  The contributions range from 1$ to 70$ paid every two weeks and each patron receives a different reward pack depending on the size of the contribution. In only a few years of campaigning, Sakimichan has created a huge community of fans with 3.838 patrons on Patreon, 626.263 likes on Facebook and 12.5k followers on Twitter.

This is one of the many success stories of new talents who manage to make it into the art world through crowdfunding and social media. Patreon is a crowdfunding platform especially tailored for creative project which has resuscitated the old system of patronage. It allows artists from any discipline (filmmaking, illustration etc.) to publicise their work and to find patrons who provide funds on a regular basis. Patrons pay contributions to the artists of their choice and in return get a range of benefits. Although the platform takes 5% from each contribution, it is a fairly advantageous, cheap and easy system for artists to build an audience and receive funding on a long term basis.

Check out Sakimichan’s profile and work here:

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