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The stock market has seen its fair share of volatility, here at Gooruf; we want to bring you the top performers this week. Ranging from Commodities to ETF’s and Cryptocurrency. In this edition, we’ll be looking at the top performers in the Commodities market.

Top Performers: Commodities
Commodities refer to the trade of any raw material, from metal to mineral.

Palladium: $963.1

Palladium has been a strong force in the market this week while attempting to regain lost ground. Last week saw the metal reach, for the first time, parity with Platinum and has since overtaken it in value. This rise marks a 16-year high for it, and while it suffered a drop, is rallying this week. Despite the fall from the $1,000 mark, it looks set to go upwards again.

Performers to keep an eye on: Cobalt and Lithium

Recently on Gooruf, we talked about renewable energy and cars, and going under the bonnet is where our investment lies. Cobalt and Lithium are components of batteries, and with a rise in manufacturers, they’ll see broader demand. Companies such as Katanga Mining (KAT) have seen 1-year returns of 628% as supply and demand dramatically shift.

Along with this comes Lithium which is an essential component of rechargeable batteries as well. Stocks such as Sociedad Quimica y Minera de Chile have seen returns of 99% and increasing this month.

Agriculture’s Top Performers Cocoa: $2134

It’s not been the best year for Cocoa buyers/sellers; February saw it take a nosedive as a result of health-conscious individuals. These first quarters saw it plummet from $3425 in early 2017, to the lowest of $1753 in July. But since then, it has rallied and is aiming to get back to its original value.

Crude Oil: $52.6

Oil has been getting some mixed signals, especially in the Gulf States, the largest extractor of Oil. With the continuing uncertainties around the Qatar blockade now threatening recession. The recent developments in Iraq and Kurdistan are pulling the reins on what was speculated to be a Bullish market.

Regardless of the success of a bullish trend, Crude remains stable in the face of precarious circumstances at $52.6

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