Da Gooruf UK – Saving Tips for all the single ladies and gentlemen

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Living alone can have its advantages and its disadvantages. If you’re single, living alone, and don’t have any commitment, the responsibility of looking after the money which is earnt is solely your responsibility. We understand this can be a daunting task, and so to try and make it easier for you, we’ve put together some tips on how you can save your money.

Budget is the word

Just because you don’t have a spouse or children to take into consideration, doesn’t mean that you have to be any less responsible with the money that you earn. You still have a responsibility to budget the amount of money that you make to ensure that you have the funding required for your bills and mortgage if you have one.

Making sure you have an accurate record of how much money is coming in, and then how much you need to put aside will tell you how much you can spend on leisure or pleasure activities, and not be caught out by bills or other payments.

Create an emergency fund for when you need it

There’s nothing worse than a sudden car breakdown, or losing your job suddenly, and having no one else who can help you to get by until you can bring in more money to replace what is lost. Therefore, you should try and create an emergency fund whenever possible, so you have a little bit of money on the side to put away so you can get by until you can find more employment.

Overall, these are just a few of the things that you can do to save money when you are living alone. Living by yourself can be a great thing if you appreciate your space and don’t want to share with another person, but you also need to have a good grip on your finances to ensure that you’re never plagued by bills and payments that you weren’t expecting or can’t afford.

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