“Driving” Investments

di Finanza Operativa 8 Novembre 2018 | 14:00

A cura di Walter Snyder, WWS Swiss Financial Consulting SA
Investors are confronted with difficult choices as to where to put their capital when markets are topping out, and the tipping point between stocks and bonds is distinguishable only with difficulty. Some prefer to go for ETFs in the belief that they are protected from drawdowns while others opt for precious metals or real estate. Diamonds are another possibility. They are not concrete, only carbon, but they keep their value. There is, however, one alternative investment that not only keeps its value but increases in value due to more and more interest, namely, classic cars.
Man`s romance with the motor car is already over a century old and shows no signs of coming to an end. Mobility has rather become practically a necessity of modern life. That is one reason why cars arouse such great interest. The Classic Car Fund (www.theclassiccarfund.com) is one way that investors can take advantage of the wide interest in vintage and classic cars and turn a neat profit.
The fund has different levels of possible investment. One can invest in cash, and there are two types of investment available. The smallest amount is € 10,000.00, which is for Class P. There is a soft lock up period of one year. The second class requires a minimum investment of € 200,000.00 with a soft lock up period of two years. There is monthly liquidity. What is particularly interesting about the fund is that it can be subscribed to in cars as well as cash.
Further details of this opportunity can be found in the fund Newsletter. Shares of the fund are traded on the Borsa Italiana and have a good track record. In any case the Classic Car Fund offers investors diversification of assets and is quite stable. Over the last ten years classic cars have increased in value almost 400%, more than practically any other asset class. Diversification pays off in the long run.

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