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di Finanza Operativa 15 Giugno 2016 | 13:30

A cura di di Walter Snyder, Swiss Financial Consulting

The central bankers have been desperately trying to promote growth with zero and negative interest rates coupled with massive injections of liquidity into the global economy without much success. Equity prices have been pushed up thanks to stock repurchasing programmes that do not create jobs or increase productivity. In such a dreary scenario investors choose to resort to risky propositions in order to have at least a minimal return on capital.

This Newsletter has suggested that gold offers some assurance that should the market decline be fast and furious investors would still have some something solid to rely on. It would be encouraging if there were some way to invest wisely, safely and guarantee good returns. One thing is certain, and that is that manufacturing will continue to employ more and more robots to replace unskilled workers in repetitive jobs. It is therefore a reasonable idea to look for investment possibilities in the field of robotics.

In order to examine carefully large numbers of companies engaged in the various different sorts of technical applications one would need a team of experts. It is consequently reasonable to resort to a widely based investment product that will reflect the growth of this sector. The problem with funds is that they are tied to an index. In the case of robotics there is an index, Robo Global, that is very well done. Of course, investors can decide to single out individual companies, and in this case the Robo Global index (ROBO Global® Robotics and Automation UCITS Index)

Can provide useful information for making investment decisions because it provides detailed information on the various sectors that make up the robotics industry. One can also find information about particular companies and the prospects for robotics.

The fact is that robotics is a field that is going to expand greatly in coming years, and there will be large numbers of jobs created as new types of robots are developed. The market is going to expand, and investors would do well to take a long and serious look at the prospects in this industry. See

Some countries have invested heavily in robotics, particularly South Korea and Japan. They are followed by Germany and the US. What is interesting is that production costs with robots are lower than the cost of Chinese human labor.

The Newsletter will appear again in September after a summer break. The old adage “Sell in May and go away” is also good for June. Investors can still sell now before it is too late. George Soros has been selling equities. He somehow knows what is going to happen. The bubble is going to come to earth and burst soon. When?

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