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This Happens every 60 Seconds on the Web

di Anaïs Borri

Find out what happens every minute on the web.  The internet never sleeps: every minute thousands of actions are carried online and huge amounts of data are produced. With the increasing penetration of e-commerce and digital businesses on global markets, the internet is changing the way we carry ev ...


Global Internet Trends – how are retailers and consumers adapting to the Internet age?

di Redazione

By James Sinclair, Marketing Manager at The World Economy Worldwide economic growth is slowing and is changing geographically. China and other emerging Asian markets are now contributing more to growth than North America and Europe. Historically low interest rates coupled wit ...


Fidelity Investments continua a puntare su Snapchat

di Daniel Settembre

Lo riporta il Wall Street Journal, spiegando che si tratta di un’estensione di un ciclo di finanziamenti che l’azienda ha cominciato lo scorso anno. ...