Started from the bottom, now Rish Mitra runs the Blippar Unicorn

The augmented reality app Blippar is slowly changing the world of digital marketing. Rish Mitra revealed how his journey lead to the creation of his Unicorn.

Blippar is one of the 7 unicorns based in the UK with an estimated worth of $1.5 billion. It ranks 82nd in the Fortune’s Unicorn List. Blippar is an app and software that uses augmented reality, computer vision technology and image recognition to enhance consumer experience and make advertisement more interactive. Using what they call “blipps” customers could, for instance, buy a product they see on a magazine by hovering their phone above the page.

This software is the product of Ambarish Mitra’s (Rish for the intimates) creativity and persistence. In a recent interview with the BBC, Mitra talked about his early years as an entrepreneur in the slums of Delhi. Through his experiences and failures, Mitra says he has acquired the knowledge to build the successful company that Blippar is. See the interview below:


Big names such as Barclays, l’Oreal, Deutche Bank and Condé Nast have already adopted this new software in their advertisement campaigns and with the rising interest of businesses in VR and AR, the use of Blippar is likely to increase. “We want to make the world blippable”, the company website states, and at the rate of their growth it seems like they could indeed revolutionize the way we interact with everyday objects, brands and products.

Blippar can be downloaded for free on the Apple and Android app stores.

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