10 Ways Social Media Technologies are Adding Value

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Social media adds value in a number of ways, however over a third of wealth managers are not communicating with high net worth (HNW) clients via social media, representing a significant missed opportunity, as social media is beneficial across the client value chain. The report has found that while the majority of investors are now active on social media daily, generating opportunities for wealth managers to promote their brands through social media platforms, not all wealth managers are taking the opportunity to reach them there. Companies can not only benefit from social media in promoting their brand, enhancing thought leadership and investment opportunities, reaching out to a younger target audience, as well as servicing customers. Relationship managers can leverage social media in researching and reaching out to prospective clients, nurturing client relationships, and building their personal brands.
Social Media in Wealth Management analyzes the benefit from using social media. its based on the findings of the Global Wealth Managers Survey and provides analysis on how social media can be useful across the client value chain and what the barriers are to social media use in companies. The report also provides an international overview of the recent regulatory developments on social media and how wealth management companies should tackle social media compliance issues.
“According to our 2015 Global Wealth Managers Survey, 37% of wealth managers do not use a social media channel to communicate with HNW clients, despite the fact that 78% of consumers with investments log into their social media profiles on a daily basis. the most often cited reason for shunning social media use is that company policy prevents it with concerns that it is too public also key. Verdict Financial believes that not having a presence on social media gives an inevitable edge to those wealth managers that do have social media embedded within their marketing and communications strategies, while companies with a policy prohibiting social media use stand to lose out in the long run.”

Dal profilo Linkedin di Adie Jaser, Regional Account Director/ BDM- Key Accounts

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