Tre aziende italiane al top per Citi

di Private 5 Aprile 2017 | 08:05

Illy, Brembo e Versace. Ci sono anche tre aziende italiane nella “Top 50 global challengers” pubblicato da Campden Wealth e Citi Private Bank, che esamina la crescita delle medie imprese familiari nel mondo, premiando quelle più abili a sfruttare lo scenario della globalizzazione per assumere posizioni di leadership del mercato.
Di seguito i punti principali della ricerca (in inglese).

Family businesses have embraced globalisation
The top 50 businesses are geographically spread across the six key regions although there is a predominance in Europe and the US. While these companies may originate in the older economies, their operating businesses reach far and wide across all continents.
A single sector focus is an important strategic differentiator of companies in the list. Of the families in the list the vast majority operate in one sector. This laser focus has allowed them to be successful in multiple markets across their global footprints.

These successful business es mostly operate in the secondary economy producing goods
Many of the family businesses in the list focus on mass market production for consumers. This is particularly well suited to multi-generational family companies who can build brand names and grow organically without heavy capital investments in the early stages.

Families in the list benefit from longevity and continuity
The research demonstrates that engagement of family members is common and consistent across regional geographies. Of the businesses in the list 84% still have one to four family members active in the business.

People are at the heart of the business
Family businesses in the list are typically large employers which is good news for the local economies in which they operate. The average size of companies in the list is around 15,000 employees. This can mainly be attributed to the type of businesses they run, but nonetheless is a differentiator.

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